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      I think Mr Keeling had much better not bother about a cab for me, she said. I can perfectly well walk home.{140}

      Charles wanted to write to you, she said, but I said I would really prefer to explain. People are such fools, you know, arent they?

      Another week passed, and still he waited for some word from his secretary about the book-plate. He was not going to be eager about it, for he would not confess to himself the anxiety with which he awaited an opportunity that his twenty-five shillings a week secretary had denied him. But day by day he scrutinized her face, and wondered if she was going to say that the book-plate was finished.

      I am deeply grieved, he said, but as you will not listen to anything I say, there is no use in my saying any more. Good-bye, Miss Alice.{212}


      John has had enough shop from his pastor, havent you, my dear boy? he said, with the greatest good humour. We clergy are terrible people for talking shop, and we dont seem to mind how boring and tiresome we are. You get enough jaw at school, pijaw we used to call it, without being preached at when you come home.


      Keeling hesitated: he wanted to say something to her which showed, however remotely, the gleam of his feelings, something which should let that spark of unspoken comprehension flash backwards and forwards again.Weve got nothing to shake hands about, she said.


      I was never more so.